What is Paraplanning?

What is paraplanning?

"If you ask 100 advisers the best way to meet a client’s needs, you would get 100 different answers, and the same scenario applies to this ubiquitous question – paraplanning means many different things to many different people. 

"At Svensoni we see it as a way to take away some of the more technical aspects from an adviser, that an administrator does not have the knowledge or experience to do on an adviser’s behalf, with the aim being to free up more time for the adviser to see clients with.

"In short, paraplanning is the process that goes on behind the scenes, assisting to make the life of the adviser easier, and ultimately more profitable.

"Some advisers use all of our services and some just use one or maybe two. But all agree that it has helped transform their business and in some instances their life".
Tony Stevens - CEO.

What is a paraplanner?

The title “Paraplanner” has latterly been added to a huge variety of roles across the spectrum, from adviser’s who have given up their registrations, through to administrators who have been in the industry a while. 

At Svensoni we define a paraplanner as an experienced and qualified technical industry specialist providing dedicated support to financial advisers. Virtually all of our paraplanners are qualified to at least Diploma level, with more than 50% currently continuing on to chartered status. 

All of our paraplanners have a minimum of 5 years industry experience, because whilst exam knowledge can be “crammed”, the kind of expertise that comes over time cannot be rushed.

A paraplanner isn't just created over night, it requires years of experience and a vast array of knowledge.

Paraplanner role?

This is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question. Simplistically a paraplanner is an individual who will take some of the more technical aspects of the role away from the financial adviser. 

At Svensoni, as an outsourced provider, we handle only the most specialist and technical aspects that you would find paraplanners doing in a general practice in a paraplanning role.

A paraplanner also operates as a skilled middleman between financial advisers and compliance departments. At Svensoni at least half of our paraplanners have experience as compliance officers. 

Our ability to understand what these compliance teams require and why, puts us in the best possible situation to pre-empt these queries, and provide the very highest quality of case to them first time – something borne out in our over 90% first-time-pass rate.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  – proverb, Confucius

Why would you want to outsource your paraplanning requirements to Svensoni?

In short we are the UK's largest outsourced paraplanning company - all our clients receive a dedicated paraplanner. We find this builds a much stronger working relationship and rapport with the advisers we work with.

To summarise the other benefits and reasons why it makes sense and why so many advisers have been using our services and recommending us to others:

• Team of 30+ paraplanners with knowledge and experience in all areas
• 98% pass first time rate
• Solid reputation in the industry as the leading paraplanner agency
• Skilled board of directors
• Financial Security – all our work is fixed fee, and paid after compliance approval and without a sliding scale – so a pension transfer with 9 ceding schemes costs the same as one with only 1
• Systems - We use a bespoke designed state of the art automated system for you to send work to us, and for us to keep you informed of where your cases are 
• Speed – we already have industry leading standards of 3-5 working days between receipt of all information and submission to compliance, however over 85% of our cases are processed the same day giving you the security of a slick and speedy process
• Quality – Thanks to our specialist knowledge we have extremely high quality rates. No exceptions.

If you haven't used the services of a professional paraplanner before feel free to give us a call and get a feel for who we are, how we operate and understand our capabilities. We are here to make your life easier, freeing up your time and putting you in a position to earn more money.
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